TWICE "Alcohol-Free" M/V

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TWICE "Alcohol-Free" M/V

TWICE The 10th Mini Album “Taste of Love”
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  • keep streaming onces!!

    luvvchae✨luvvchae✨Sekundę temu
  • A seguir con el stream Todo por las chicas

    Cami CárdenasCami Cárdenas5 sekund temu
  • مَبروك وَنس وَصَلناا 106 مَليوِنن.

    4liux.4liux.22 sekund temu
  • Yess 100 million viewssssss once thank you for cooperating and to those other fandom who Cooperate too thank youu❤️❤️

    REI ZAKIREI ZAKIMinuta temu
  • What's your favourite b side from the album?

    iced mochaiced mochaMinuta temu
    • First Time ❤

      マティアス・ユキマティアス・ユキ45 sekund temu
    • Baby Blue Love

      Cami CárdenasCami Cárdenas45 sekund temu
  • solo me fui dos días y no hemos subido casi nada xd

    Cami CárdenasCami CárdenasMinuta temu
  • 110M let's goo

    iced mochaiced mochaMinuta temu
  • Hello 106M

    Jolo CorpinJolo CorpinMinuta temu

    Milagros Ro•Milagros Ro•2 minut temu
  • Tzuyu donated 50 PAPR (Powered Air Purifying Respirators) during her birthday period, and it's her birthday wish to help do something for Taiwan. The respirators got donated to different hospitals. what an angel

    Petra RPetra R2 minut temu
  • lets get 110m ASAP

    tan stephanietan stephanie2 minut temu
  • fighting! 47

    TW ICETW ICE2 minut temu
  • happy 106m

    tan stephanietan stephanie3 minut temu
  • Do more, do better~

    Hello KittyHello Kitty3 minut temu
  • Bop

    jhope's lost spritejhope's lost sprite5 minut temu
  • #2 trending mga biot

    michal canasamichal canasa5 minut temu
  • Finally 106M ONCEs, do our best

    Ruto TrầnRuto Trần5 minut temu
  • CHART 1. AE 2. BG 3. TWICE SNS 1. SVT 2. BB 3. TWICE ALBUM 1. SVT 2. ??? 3. ??? C'MON ONCE!!! LET'S RISE THE SNS SCORE :)))

    F A MF A M5 minut temu
  • 106,003

    arsha jarsha j5 minut temu
  • 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    Nury HartatiktsNury Hartatikts6 minut temu
    • no emoji

      UserUser3 minut temu
  • G A B U T N G A B

    Dede AdianaDede Adiana6 minut temu

    Chia Chuy HuanChia Chuy Huan6 minut temu
  • Please once vi3ws r very important for music shows wins

    Ayesha KareemAyesha Kareem6 minut temu
  • More 4m to 110m

    Chia Chuy HuanChia Chuy Huan6 minut temu
  • Wow

    Mobina NikbakhtMobina Nikbakht6 minut temu
  • 106,003,657 ONCEOLYMPICS ONCEOLYMPICS_PH times i'm here: 84

    Princess skskPrincess sksk6 minut temu
  • I don't care haters. I love twice and i will love them. I don't need any achievement. Yes, their achievement makes me happy. I will fight for them. Once a Once always a Once....

    Akram aliAkram ali6 minut temu
  • Congrats uwu

    Chia Chuy HuanChia Chuy Huan7 minut temu
  • Haters: talk trash about Twice Once: 💕✨thanks for your view, comment✨💕

    マティアス・ユキマティアス・ユキ7 minut temu
  • Don't stop str34ming

    Ayesha KareemAyesha Kareem7 minut temu
  • I hate you susan

    흐름 ONCE!!흐름 ONCE!!7 minut temu
  • Happy 106m

    Chia Chuy HuanChia Chuy Huan7 minut temu
  • 106M

    Momo HiraiMomo Hirai7 minut temu
  • I'm in love with twice, but i'm alcohol free

    Ooi BeehuiOoi Beehui7 minut temu

    EagleKim DubdahyunEagleKim Dubdahyun7 minut temu
  • We all are in the "ALCOHOL- FREE" era

    _케이팝 스탠_케이팝 스탠7 minut temu
  • let's reach 107m

    Mika dubuMika dubu8 minut temu
  • Yt give our views back (ง'-̀̀'́)ง

    ◦ 〄 DORA DAEDAE 〄 ◦◦ 〄 DORA DAEDAE 〄 ◦8 minut temu
  • 105,997,333

    aespaisyaespaisy9 minut temu
  • c:

    massi cruzmassi cruz9 minut temu
  • 106m!!!

    Mika dubuMika dubu9 minut temu
  • HAPPY 100M ♥️🤝

    scorpi h0escorpi h0e9 minut temu
  • Twice world domination 🌎

    マティアス・ユキマティアス・ユキ9 minut temu
  • dahyun best girl

    Kriszelle Marie CabreraKriszelle Marie Cabrera9 minut temu
  • Yey 106

    흐름 ONCE!!흐름 ONCE!!10 minut temu
  • Yt ;-;

    ◦ 〄 DORA DAEDAE 〄 ◦◦ 〄 DORA DAEDAE 〄 ◦10 minut temu
  • Twice best girl group in the world ❤💕

    マティアス・ユキマティアス・ユキ10 minut temu
    • YES

      UserUser3 minut temu
    • Yes

      massi cruzmassi cruz8 minut temu
    • Yes!

      for realfor real10 minut temu
  • it's 105.997

    Mika dubuMika dubu10 minut temu
  • Shout out to *US fans* (either ONCEs or not) who bought 43,000+ physical albums and streams 5+ million times so that "Taste of Love" debuted #6 in Billboard 200 and #1 in Billboard Top Album Sales charts. Thank you.

    Sembilan InderaSembilan Indera10 minut temu
    • It was us U.S. ONCE, but it was also others. You can tell this because of the increase in sales of TWICE's previous albums. I was checking "Korean album sales" and some of TWICE's previous albums have gotten a spike in sales. Not a big spike, but the sales have increased. =)

      TheNine AreMineTheNine AreMine4 minut temu
  • We already gained 106M. But now???

    Sree🍹🍸🥂Sree🍹🍸🥂10 minut temu
    • which class are you in?

      UserUser25 sekund temu
    • @흐름 ONCE!! A few minutes ago, utube deleted 8k views. And Now we again gained 106M

      Sree🍹🍸🥂Sree🍹🍸🥂7 minut temu
    • We still on 106

      흐름 ONCE!!흐름 ONCE!!9 minut temu
  • Utube deleted the views 😭

    Sree🍹🍸🥂Sree🍹🍸🥂11 minut temu
    • How much again?!

      흐름 ONCE!!흐름 ONCE!!9 minut temu
    • Yus XD 😭 :(

      ◦ 〄 DORA DAEDAE 〄 ◦◦ 〄 DORA DAEDAE 〄 ◦10 minut temu

    나연Twice나연Twice11 minut temu
  • more 3k to 106m

    나연Twice나연Twice11 minut temu
  • 105,997,333 now? WTF

    UserUser12 minut temu
    • @User yus XD 😭

      ◦ 〄 DORA DAEDAE 〄 ◦◦ 〄 DORA DAEDAE 〄 ◦10 minut temu
    • youtube is drunk

      UserUser11 minut temu
  • soty

    karla bkarla b12 minut temu
  • 因為子瑜在台灣捐了50台PAPR所以來聽聽看新歌 和以前的風格不太一樣 好好聽🥰謝謝子瑜 祝TWICE大發 Tzuyu donated 50 PAPR to Taiwan’s medical personnel, so I come here to enjoy this song, is really different than usual, I enjoy it , and hope everyone know Tzuyu is such an angel 👼 Thank you Tzuyu 🥰

    Yen YenYen Yen12 minut temu
  • God Jihyo

    マティアス・ユキマティアス・ユキ12 minut temu

    jhonalyn costillasjhonalyn costillas12 minut temu
  • 106

    Курсан СейдалиевКурсан Сейдалиев12 minut temu
  • Normalize Watching Alcohol free Everytime you wake up do it like a daily routine also Str3am if it's possible

    Mina's KetchupieMina's Ketchupie12 minut temu

    マティアス・ユキマティアス・ユキ13 minut temu
  • Once keep streaming for Twice please

    dương tôdương tô13 minut temu
  • Western ONCEs please stream hard, I'm gonna sleep now,bye

    Cc YCc Y13 minut temu
  • Few days once will be back again keep streaming

    TWICETWICE13 minut temu
  • ROAD TO 110 MIL

    Cheska PintorCheska Pintor13 minut temu

    Cheska PintorCheska Pintor13 minut temu
  • Perfect World

    マティアス・ユキマティアス・ユキ13 minut temu
  • 106

    Курсан СейдалиевКурсан Сейдалиев13 minut temu
  • 105,997**** Welcome 106M ✨🍭

    Smol Sana is PomuSmol Sana is Pomu13 minut temu
  • woooowww

    ١٩٩٩١٩٩٩14 minut temu
  • Yeyyyy 106m, let's do more onces ^^ i trust youuu we can do this

    OnetoNineOnetoNine15 minut temu
  • Alcohol-free MV (update) 106M 2.87M likes 1.08M comments Keep str€aming!!

    Cc YCc Y15 minut temu
  • Yesss 106mill

    _sy.x_o_sy.x_o16 minut temu
  • 106 M

    Aldwin EvangelistaAldwin Evangelista16 minut temu
  • *Let’s just do want we can!* *Negative energy is not what we wan’t!* Don’t call once’s lazy and not hard working please, that’s not good way to get more people str3aming! Let’s share this mv and do best what we can! Also please check that you are str3aming right. (There’s tutorials in yt) *Let’s cheer up! Our girls are working so hard right now!

    taiziiztaiziiz16 minut temu
    • @Sree🍹🍸🥂 I know how you feel! It’s really sad when you str3am many hours and you feel like you are str3aming alone! I just think that calling lazy don’t motivate them to str3am. But yeah vi3ws are really slow right now. Twice is having so hard time right now so I do not want them to worry more :( But yeah let’s do our best, fighting!

      taiziiztaiziiz21 sekundę temu
    • I will try my best not to call them lazy. But sometimes I lost my patience and at that time I will call them lazy. B.cuz iam very sad about the views 😭. Okay Now onwards I will try not to call them lazy. 👍🏻👍🏻

      Sree🍹🍸🥂Sree🍹🍸🥂12 minut temu
  • Streaming while completing chemistry notes. Haha

    Sree🍹🍸🥂Sree🍹🍸🥂16 minut temu
    • @Sree🍹🍸🥂 Oh its okay...

      UserUserMinuta temu
    • @User sorry. I do not have an Instagram account.

      Sree🍹🍸🥂Sree🍹🍸🥂9 minut temu
    • can you give your insta? Lets be friends. i need once friends

      UserUser15 minut temu
  • Go 2.9M likes ❤

    マティアス・ユキマティアス・ユキ16 minut temu
    • Fighting

      Sree🍹🍸🥂Sree🍹🍸🥂15 minut temu
  • i luv this one.

    wisanu topawisanu topa17 minut temu
  • still trending in MUSIC twiceuuuu

    Julius Arvin AzañesJulius Arvin Azañes18 minut temu
  • Congratulations for 106M

    Sherly ArianzyaSherly Arianzya19 minut temu
  • Please stream this wth, why did y'all leave

    K JusticeK Justice19 minut temu
  • I miss @domo konichiwa ver.4 "Twice is just a untalented group with overrated achievements~" He is so funny 😂😂😂

    マティアス・ユキマティアス・ユキ19 minut temu
  • 106M!! YEAHH

    UserUser19 minut temu
  • 536K gained in 7hrs 46min

    Dylan GonzalezDylan Gonzalez19 minut temu
    • @Cc Y Yess

      Dylan GonzalezDylan Gonzalez13 minut temu
    • We can do more better!

      Cc YCc Y14 minut temu
    • We can do better. Most of the once are engaged in school activities. So the views are low. Keep streaming.

      Sree🍹🍸🥂Sree🍹🍸🥂17 minut temu
  • Welcome 106M

    Erif YojErif Yoj20 minut temu
  • Happy 106M

    Sree🍹🍸🥂Sree🍹🍸🥂20 minut temu
  • Awesome

    krizza madayagkrizza madayag20 minut temu
  • Do we have chance to win on music core?

    miyukeemiyukee20 minut temu
    • @Sree🍹🍸🥂 THX LEZZ GOO

      miyukeemiyukee9 minut temu
    • Yes

      Sree🍹🍸🥂Sree🍹🍸🥂15 minut temu
  • 😍😍

    iddlipa ettrosaiddlipa ettrosa21 minuta temu
  • 9

    miyukeemiyukee21 minuta temu
  • YT please don't freeze the view

    Once flowersOnce flowers22 minut temu
  • Go go go twice💪💪💪

    Adam PermadiAdam Permadi22 minut temu
  • The fact : 'I'm drunk in you'

    nico nico niiinico nico niii22 minut temu
  • 105,992,731 ONCEOLYMPICS ONCEOLYMPICS_PH times i'm here: 83

    Princess skskPrincess sksk23 minut temu
  • Jay why pee oppar ❤😂

    マティアス・ユキマティアス・ユキ23 minut temu
  • 'I'm alcohol-free but i get drunk '

    nico nico niiinico nico niii23 minut temu
  • Not even 100k in wonder why they call us LAZY

    UserUser23 minut temu
  • Keep streaming onceuuu!!!

    _sy.x_o_sy.x_o24 minut temu
  • I can't entertain today 🤓 Bye winners 😶

    SM MiJAN 2.0SM MiJAN 2.024 minut temu
    • Bye

      Sree🍹🍸🥂Sree🍹🍸🥂21 minuta temu
  • مرحبا ونس كيفكم اخباركم؟

    Shadow ring in your areaShadow ring in your area24 minut temu